Speaking Tour Schedule

Here is a cal­en­dar show­ing the dates and loca­tions where I’ll be pre­sent­ing. I usu­ally tour in the months of Novem­ber and March. Just skip to those months to see the schedule.

If noth­ing is writ­ten on a date it means that date is avail­able. Keep in mind that I try to book engage­ments in a log­i­cal and effi­cient route of travel so that I’m not dri­ving very long dis­tances from day to day. There­fore, look for dates when I’m in loca­tions that make sense with your location.

If I have an evening show and you are close by and want to do a morn­ing or early after­noon show, that is a possibility.

If you are inter­ested in book­ing one of the open dates please con­tact me by call­ing 888–744-9381 or by email­ing Rick@ALandRemembered.com.

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