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A Land Remem­bered Stu­dent Edition

A Land Remem­bered has become Florida’s favorite novel. The Stu­dent Edi­tion in two vol­umes makes this rich, rugged story of the Amer­i­can pio­neer spirit more acces­si­ble to young read­ers. In the book, Patrick Smith tells of three gen­er­a­tions of the MacIveys, a Florida fam­ily bat­tling the hard­ships of the fron­tier. The story opens in 1858, when Tobias and Emma MacIvey arrive in the Florida wilder­ness with their son, Zech, to start a new life, and ends in 1968 with Solomon MacIvey, who real­izes that his wealth has not been worth the cost to the land. Between is a sweep­ing story rich in Florida his­tory with a cast of mem­o­rable char­ac­ters bat­tling wild ani­mals, rustlers, Con­fed­er­ate desert­ers, mos­qui­toes, star­va­tion, hur­ri­canes, and freezes to carve a king­dom out of the Florida swamp.

In VOLUME 1, meet young Zech MacIvey, who learns to ride like the wind through the Florida scrub on Ish­mael, his marsh­tackie horse, with his dogs, Nip and Tuck, at his side. His par­ents, Tobias and Emma, scratch a liv­ing from the land, gath­er­ing wild cows from the swamp and herd­ing them across the state to mar­ket. Zech learns the ways of the land from the Semi­noles, with whom his life becomes entwined as he grows into manhood.

In VOLUME 2, with the birth of Zech and Glenda’s son, Solomon, a new gen­er­a­tion of MacIveys learns to ride horses, drive cat­tle, and teach rustlers a thing or two. Sol and his fam­ily earn more and more gold dou­bloons from cat­tle sales, as well as dol­lars from their orange groves. The invest it in buy­ing land, once free to all, now owned and fenced and increas­ingly pop­u­lated, until it becomes just “a land remembered.”

Your Best Value is a Com­plete Set (Vol­umes 1 & 2) as seen below. 

Vol­ume 1 &Soft­bound - $17.00 

Vol­ume 1 & 2 Hard­bound - $27.00 

Also Sold As Indi­vid­ual Volumes 

Vol­ume 1, Soft­bound$9.95 

Vol­ume 1, Hard­bound$14.95 

Vol­ume 2, Soft­bound$8.95 

Vol­ume 2, Hard­bound$14.95 

A Land Remem­bered Vol­ume 1 is avail­able on Kindle.

A Land Remem­bered Vol­ume 2 is avail­able on Kindle.

A Land Remem­bered Stan­dard Edition

Standard Version of A Land Remembered, by Patrick D. Smith

Suit­able For Mature Students

We rec­om­mend the stu­dent ver­sion for grades up through 6, but younger stu­dents often read the stan­dard edi­tion and love it. Some of the scenes have been rewrit­ten for younger read­ers, but even the stan­dard ver­sion is often appro­pri­ate. It depends on the sen­si­tiv­ity of the audience.

For any stu­dent at 7th or 8th grade and above we rec­om­mend the stan­dard edi­tion, and of course that is the ver­sion rec­om­mended for all adults.


Soft­bound - $14.95 -

A Land Remem­bered is avail­able on Kin­dle.

Teach More, Work Less, With Teach­ing Guides Writ­ten By And For Teachers

Teach­ing Guides help you inte­grate the sub­ject mat­ter into your cur­ricu­lum in mean­ing­ful ways. They also save you lots of time by giv­ing you tests and activ­i­ties, writ­ten and tested by other teach­ers, based on the book.

The Dig­i­tal Teach­ing Guide, avail­able exclu­sively from us, is com­posed of files in both Microsoft Word and .pdf for­mats so that you can change every­thing about the con­tent to fit your own needs. There are tests, answers, activ­i­ties and more for each chap­ter of A Land Remem­bered.

You have two pur­chase options with this guide. You can order the DVD for $20, which includes a bonus DVD, “Patrick Smith Answers Com­mon Stu­dent Ques­tions,” or if you want to get the guide imme­di­ately, you can order the dig­i­tal down­load and you’ll get access to the files with a minute. You get the same teach­ing guide con­tent, but the bonus DVD is not included. The down­load ver­sion is $15.00, so you’ll save a few bucks. Order below …
Dig­i­tal Teach­ing Guide On CD$20 -

(Includes bonus DVD, “Patrick Smith Answers Stu­dent Ques­tions”)

Imme­di­ate Down­load of Dig­i­tal Guide
You get imme­di­ate access to the dig­i­tal guide in both Word and .pdf files but do not receive the bonus DVD as you do with the $20 phys­i­cal CD guide listed above. You will be imme­di­ately directed to a .zip file which you can extract to get the Word and .pdf files.
Dig­i­tal Down­load Teach­ing Guide$15 -

We gladly accept school, library and insti­tu­tional pur­chase orders. For sim­plic­ity you can add items to your cart as if you were shop­ping online, then print the “cart” page, and fax to 888–744-9381.

Printed Teach­ing Guides

Com­piled By Teach­ers, Each 64 Pages Of Use­ful Mate­r­ial, Coor­di­nated With The Florida Sun­shine State Standards

A Land Remem­bered Goes To School, Ele­men­tary Teach­ing Guide
Vocab­u­lary words, chap­ter sum­maries, vocab­u­lary activ­i­ties, list of slang and trans­la­tions, mul­ti­ple choice ques­tions, com­pre­hen­sion ques­tions, activ­i­ties and more. 64 pages, softbound

Ele­men­tary Teach­ing Guide - $6 - 

Mid­dle School Teacher Plans and Resources for A Land Remem­bered: Stu­dent Edi­tion
Exten­sive vocabulary/slang, pre-reading activ­i­ties, com­pre­hen­sion ques­tions, post-reading activ­i­ties for each chap­ter, and more. Includes descrip­tion of how A Land Remem­bered ful­fills many bench­marks of the Sun­shine State Stan­dards for Social Stud­ies and some for Sci­ence for the mid­dle grades. Also includes a list of resources. 64 pages, softbound

Mid­dle School Teach­ing Guide - $7 - 

Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place

(Award-Winning DVD)

Any­one — stu­dent, teacher, or just a fan of A Land Remem­bered — will love see­ing this DVD. You’ll spend an hour with Patrick D. Smith, as he takes you on a nos­tal­gic jour­ney to a Florida that exists today only in books. If you are using A Land Remem­bered in your class­room or in a home­school sit­u­a­tion, you sim­ply must show this DVD to your students.

Thank you, too, for the deli­cious DVD…A Sense of Place. We laugh every time we lis­ten to you explain­ing how you would pack up your suit­case and try to head down south to research the Indian tra­di­tions. We feel like we were on those trips with you.   ~ Susan Clark & Scott Taylor

You’ll get to know both the author and the state of Florida bet­ter as this soft spo­ken gen­tle­man intro­duces you to the Florida of his youth. You’ll be touched by the true sto­ries of his adven­tures along the way to writ­ing his books, many of which are now modern-day classics.

Many peo­ple have said that any­one liv­ing in or vis­it­ing the state of Florida should see this DVD. You’ll learn that Florida is far more than a tourist destination.

Patrick Smith’s son, Rick (Patrick, Jr.) an award-winning film­maker liv­ing in Cal­i­for­nia, shot and edited this lov­ing trib­ute to his father, with help from his wife, Kim, her­self a pro­fes­sional edi­tor and producer.

Patrick Smith per­son­ally nar­rates this mul­ti­ple award-winning pro­gram as video, his­tor­i­cal pho­tos and re-enacted scenes bring his sto­ries to life. A short sam­ple is shown in the video to the left.
Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place is 54 min­utes long and includes fas­ci­nat­ing sto­ries of Patrick Smith’s life and adven­tures; expe­ri­ences that he had to have in order to write his books the way he did. It pro­vides great insight not only into Florida’s past, but into the mind of one of her favorite writers.

Stan­dard Ver­sion — $19.95 —

Pub­lic Per­for­mance Ver­sion — $95 —

The Pub­lic Per­for­mance Rights (PPR) ver­sion sat­is­fies US Copy­right stan­dards for show­ing to pub­lic audi­ences, as a reward in schools (like a rainy day, but not required for nor­mal class­room use if it is in the cur­ricu­lum), or when charg­ing admis­sion. This the same thing you’d do for any com­mer­cial film use. This ver­sion includes a free copy of the “Patrick Smith Answers Stu­dents’ Ques­tions” DVD.

The PPR ver­sion is included for FREE with all book orders for 31 or more books, no mat­ter whether you choose hard­bound or soft­bound, stu­dent ver­sion or reg­u­lar version.

Patrick Smith Answers Com­mon Ques­tions About A Land Remem­bered (DVD)

Many stu­dents have ques­tions about the book or Patrick Smith the author. He can­not per­son­ally answer all of the let­ters he gets, so he recorded this DVD in which he answers most com­mon ques­tions. This DVD is included as a free bonus when you pur­chase the dig­i­tal guide ($20) listed above.
NOTE: This item is included free with any order of $15 or more!

DVD - $12.95 

Butch Har­ri­son, Florida Cracker Sto­ry­teller DVD

This DVD con­tains 58-minutes of sto­ries in three chap­ters. The first sec­tion, filmed at a Florida pio­neer home­stead at Florida Cap­i­tal State Park in Perry, Florida, pro­vides a rich intro­duc­tion to early set­tler life. An authen­tic set­tler house and out­build­ings pro­vide the per­fect back­ground as Butch demon­strates how and why set­tlers built the typ­i­cal “Cracker House,” what they ate and how they lived. This is as close as you’ll come to tak­ing your stu­dents on a real field trip to a Florida pio­neer settlement.

They’ll learn about the econ­omy of trad­ing skins and furs instead of money, which was quite com­mon dur­ing this time. You’ll also get a tour of a sugar cane mill.

In the sec­ond sec­tion, Butch enter­tains us with true tales of his life as a guide and glades­man in the Florida Ever­glades. These are col­or­ful sto­ries of frogs, fish and alli­ga­tors in the world that was Butch’s play­ground, a world that is increas­ingly threat­ened today.

This is a unique pro­gram that is sure to be a hit with stu­dents of all ages.

Shown below is a short sam­ple of from the DVD, “Butch Har­ri­son, Florida Cracker Storyteller.”

For more infor­ma­tion and clips, go to ButchHarrison.com


Florida Cracker Sto­ry­teller DVD — $19.95

Florida Crack­ers: the Cat­tle­men and Cow­boys of Florida

Here is a movie made with an equal amount of love and respect for a van­ish­ing lifestyle. I’m talk­ing about Florida Crack­ers: the Cat­tle­men and Cow­boys of Florida.

This story starts back to 1521, when Span­ish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in what is now Florida and intro­duced the first cat­tle and horses into North Amer­ica. Some descen­dants of these early pio­neer­ing fam­i­lies still play a major role in Florida’s cat­tle indus­try to this day, work­ing the land and rais­ing the cat­tle that their fam­i­lies have owned for generations.

The film is about real-life, work­ing cow­boys in Florida: their his­tory, their cul­ture, and the uncer­tain future they face as they strive to pre­serve their way of life in a fast-paced mod­ern world.

Florida Crack­ers: the Cat­tle­men and Cow­boys of Florida DVD

Stan­dard Ver­sion — $19.95 —

Pub­lic Per­for­mance Ver­sion — $75 —


We gladly accept school, library and insti­tu­tional pur­chase orders. For sim­plic­ity you can add items to your cart as if you were shop­ping online, then print the “cart” page, and fax to 888–744-9381.

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