Free Video of “Patrick Smith Answers Common Questions About A Land Remembered”

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If you teach with A Land Remembered, your students probably have questions that they would like to ask the author. A class at Jupiter High School was so curious that they sent him a video tape of the students asking him questions.  This gave us the idea of creating a video of Patrick Smith, author of A Land Remembered, answering the common questions he is asked by students and readers of all ages. Here’s Rick Smith, Patrick Smith’s son, telling you how you can get this video for FREE, right now:

Enjoy this video and share it with your students. Patrick Smith answers the most commonly asked questions about A Land Remembered and also about his life as a writer.


We respect your privacy. We will not rent or sell your name and contact information with anyone.

I know your students will enjoy this, and I want to you to have it to share with them.  Just fill out the form above to get it right now. You are welcome to share the link with your students. Patrick Smith will answer common questions about A Land Remembered, including the following:

Were the MacIvey’s a real family?

Will there be a movie of A Land Remembered?

Will there be a sequel to A Land Remembered?

What inspired the author to write this book?

What would the author change if he could rewrite the book?

And many more questions.

This video is normally sold for $12.95, but I want you to have it for free. Just enter your name and e-mail address in the box above and you’ll be immediately directed to this free video online.

With Best Wishes,

Rick Smith (Patrick D. Smith, Jr.)

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2 Responses to “Free Video of “Patrick Smith Answers Common Questions About A Land Remembered””

  1. Ms. Aldridge says:

    We are about to start this book as a class for literacy and SS standards! I am very excited to share this with my class!

  2. Rick Smith says:

    Great, Ms. Aldridge. I’m sure your students will love the book. Keep in mind that I am available at certain times of the year and for a speaking fee, to present a show to your students about A Land Remembered. You can learn a little more about that show here. The student show is more focused on just A Land Remembered and not the other books.

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