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If you teach with A Land Remem­bered, your stu­dents prob­a­bly have ques­tions that they would like to ask the author. A class at Jupiter High School was so curi­ous that they sent him a video tape of the stu­dents ask­ing him ques­tions.  This gave us the idea of cre­at­ing a video of Patrick Smith, author of A Land Remem­bered, answer­ing the com­mon ques­tions he is asked by stu­dents and read­ers of all ages. Here’s Rick Smith, Patrick Smith’s son, telling you how you can get this video for FREE, right now:

Enjoy this video and share it with your stu­dents. Patrick Smith answers the most com­monly asked ques­tions about A Land Remem­bered and also about his life as a writer.


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I know your stu­dents will enjoy this, and I want to you to have it to share with them.  Just fill out the form above to get it right now. You are wel­come to share the link with your stu­dents. Patrick Smith will answer com­mon ques­tions about A Land Remem­bered, includ­ing the following:

Were the MacIvey’s a real fam­ily?

Will there be a movie of A Land Remem­bered?

Will there be a sequel to A Land Remem­bered?

What inspired the author to write this book?

What would the author change if he could rewrite the book?

And many more questions.

This video is nor­mally sold for $12.95, but I want you to have it for free. Just enter your name and e-mail address in the box above and you’ll be imme­di­ately directed to this free video online.

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