A Land Remembered Characters

Tobias: The first generation’s main char­ac­ter. He became rich from cat­tle herd­ing and later an orange grove. He gets malaria from an attack of sev­eral hun­dred thou­sand ‘skeeters’, but is healed (tem­porar­ily) by Miami Bil­lie, an Indian med­i­cine man. Died near the end of Zech’s piece of the book when he became too weak from the cold to fight his malaria when he tried to save orange trees from a freeze. (He is the last ghost to appear to Solomon, his grandson.)

Emma: Tobias’s wife. Her main occu­pa­tion is cook­ing for all the men with the help of Pearlie Mae and Glenda. She never com­plains. Every­body loves her. She dies from a heart attack a few years before Tobias does.

Zech: The 2nd generation’s main char­ac­ter. He lived a some­what lonely life away from other chil­dren and had two dogs, Nip and Tuck who were trag­i­cally killed, and a Marsh tacky horse named Ish­mael. He mar­ries Glenda and has the son Solomon, called Sol. He has an affair with an Indian woman named Tawanda, which results in another son, Toby Cypress. Zech is an expe­ri­enced gun­man and horserider and kills sev­eral ban­dits. When get­ting revenge his foot is shot and he is weaker till his death in a horserid­ing acci­dent and drowns.

Glenda: Zech’s wife. She seems more of a tomboy in her adult­hood and gives birth to 2 chil­dren through­out her life, but she has a mis­car­riage with the first one. Sadly she dies near the end of Zech’s life when she’s impaled by a bull, then Zech shoots the bull out of rage.

Solomon: The 3rd generation’s main char­ac­ter. He lived a sad life of power. After his father’s death he became power hun­gry, want­ing to leave a mark with his money and the busi­ness his fam­ily started. He calls him­self, “the least of the MacIveys.” Even­tu­ally he finds Bon­nie, a young wait­ress, and changes. After her death in a hur­ri­cane and a reunion with Toby he even­tu­ally real­izes the destruc­tion his greed has brought upon the land. He goes to Punta Rassa to live his last days. He dies of a heart attack at the end of the book.

Bon­nie: Solomon’s love inter­est. She’s the daugh­ter of an abu­sive father and is hired by Solomon as a house­wife. The two live together for almost seven years. They finally admit they want to get mar­ried as she and Sol are in the roof rafters try­ing to ride out a hur­ri­cane. She is ripped away from Sol and is counted among the 2000 dead. Sol later dis­likes the lake which car­ried their house away and dikes it.

Skil­lit: A black for­mer slave. He is encoun­tered by Tobias after slav­ery was banned, wear­ing only a pair of feed sack pants. He had nowhere to go, and was on the run when Tobias’ dogs found him hid­ing in a hole. Tobias hires him. He is a great help in catch­ing cows, since he is much stronger than all the other cat­tle drovers. He even­tu­ally mar­ries Pearlie Mae, a for­mer slave, and leaves to start a farm. Skil­lit only appears two more times in the book: when he returns for Tobias’s funeral and when Sol remem­bers all the peo­ple in his life.

Pearlie Mae:  A black for­mer slave. Though half his age, she mar­ries Skil­lit and gives birth to five children.

Frog: A hired worker, for­mer town drunk. Bonzo and he began work­ing for Tobias for their first suc­cess­ful mis­sion. Frog is seen as almost a brother to Tobias and he is always a help. He dies from being impaled by the same bull that killed Glenda, and is buried next to Tobias and Emma. As he lays dying he asks Sol if his grave­stone can read “Frog MacIvey” and Sol agrees claim­ing he would have done that anyway.

Bonzo: A hired worker, for­mer town drunk. He says lit­tle, com­pared to Frog. He dies from malaria early in the book.

Lester: A hired worker that Zech hired to replace Bonzo.

Tawanda: Zech’s Semi­nole Indian mis­tress. He only sees her three times. The first time when he and his father deliver cows to the Indian vil­lage, the sec­ond when Zech comes to get two new horses, the third when he vis­its the vil­lage again. When they come to Tobias’ funeral, Tawanda’s par­ents inform Zech of her death dur­ing child­birth. Zech buys a head­stone for her that reads “Tawanda McIvey, Beloved”.

Toby: Son of Tawanda and Zech. He was ridiculed by the chil­dren in his vil­lage because of his white father, but was respected by the adults because of his MacIvey blood. When Zech vis­its the vil­lage, the two bond. When he is 15, he sees his father again, now with his other son, Sol, and the two broth­ers start to bond. Toby later becomes the vil­lage chief and has three chil­dren with his wife, Min­nie. He comes to hate Sol for ruin­ing the for­est, and the two avoid con­tact for almost half a cen­tury. He sees Sol again when Sol is about to die, mak­ing his peace with his halfbrother.

Min­nie: Toby’s wife she was seen twice, once when Sol had come back to tell Toby of Zech’s death and another when Sol came to make piece with Toby before they die she was in her twenty’s when she came in and she gave birth to three kids.

From the A Land Remem­bered entry in Wikipedia.

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